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Alexa has a new skill to help you throw away less food (and money)
Those leftovers that get dumped uneaten, that tub of yogurt way past its expiration date, and the bunch of celery you ambitiously bought for a recipe that...
Ad Council Leverages Audience Data To Give Pets A New Home
Almost two-and-a-half million pets are currently in animal shelters in the US, so why not use audience targeting to try to give these animal companions a new, loving home?
America’s ‘John Smiths’ Highlight Human Diversity In Latest ‘Love Has No Labels’ Film
Ad Council Extends Campaign With Facebook Creative Shop Studio
Feeding America’s Ice Cream Truck Roadtrip for Hunger Awareness
Feeding America teamed up with the Ad Council and Facebook Creative Shop to send an ice cream truck across the country to raise awareness of summertime childhood hunger.
Ad Council and Feeding America launches ‘mobile’ campaign about children facing hunger in summer
The Ad Council and Feeding America have partnered to launch an integrated marketing campaign and will today send a one of a kind ice cream truck on a nine-day journey across the country to raise awareness of children facing hunger in the summer.
This Ice Cream Truck Is Raising Awareness Of Kids’ Summer Hunger In The U.S.
The Ad Council has teamed up with charity Feeding America and Facebook Creative Shop to raise awareness of U.S. children facing hunger in the summer by way of an ice-cream truck.
You Can Now Ask Alexa For Help With Not Wasting Your Food
Confused about what to do with that odd-shaped vegetable in your refrigerator? Or how to keep herbs from going slimy? You can now ask Alexa.
To Break Shame Of Addiction, Advocates Urge You To ‘LISTEN’
Last fall, a Viacom employee with two children battling addiction in rehab, approached his company about helping families like his nationwide struggling with this epidemic.
Pinterest and The Ad Council Are Taking Aim at Wasted Food
Nonprofit organization The Ad Council is teaming up with Pinterest on a series of public-service campaigns. The series will begin with a public-service announcement promoting the “Save the Food” campaign from The Ad Council and the Natural Resources Defense Council, aimed at curbing food waste.
9 ways Amazon’s Alexa can help you in the kitchen
Cooking is a social activity. Parents make food. Kids help in the kitchen. Friends bake together. Families bequeath recipes through the generations.